Sunday, October 28, 2012

Empties (Jul, Aug & Sep)

I've been a bad, bad blogger for the past few months. In my defence, there has been huge changes regarding my personal life and well... I've been cheating beauty blogs a lot with fitness and training blogs! It's really not that I've lost interest towards beauty and makeup, I just haven't had the time to concentrate equally as much to all my hobbies. Really it's just more of a question of time-management, isn't it? ;) Now that other aspects in my life have started to sort out, I will squeeze blogging back to schedule!


There's a lot catching up to do with the empties! Here are (or at least should be) all the empties from July, August and September. I've really lost my touch, haven't I... I used to empty this many product in ONE month!

Project Pan
Redken All Soft Soft Ends Leave-In Treatment
Nivea Intense Repair Comb-In Cream

I got the Redken's treatment from my sister a long time ago. It's taken me ages to finish, and it really is not because I didn't love it; just the opposite! I actually saved the last few drops for months. This has a great rep, and no wonder.

I bought the Nivea's treatment also a while ago, when my hair was just getting longer, tangled and needing my attention. I thought this might help, but I do think there are better options out there. I started to detest the smell at some point, but it's very Nivea-like. It's not a bad product, but I wouldn't buy it again either.

Herbina Marja Spa Moisturizing Balsam Project Pan
athena's Latte di Cocco Coconut Milk Shower Milk
Dermosil Winter Body Lotion

Obviously the Herbina Marja Spa conditioner smells lovely, but that's about it. I mostly used it for co-washes, but I think the XZ-conditioners are better for that. Nothing really special about this product, doesn't really do anything for my hair. I also hate hate hate these packages! It's the same one as with the Herbina Marja Spa Body Lotion. It is almost impossible to squeeze out the stuff after less than a half is used, the bottle just gets flat in the middle and all the product is left at the bottom. I'd understand this if it was almost empty and it's easy to just cut the bottle open to get the rest, but this is just silly when most of the product is still left.

I really loved Latte di Cocco shower milk, I think I've raved about it before. I love coconut scent and this is my favourite shower milk. I'm more in to soap bars (this line has that also) now, but I'd buy this again for travelling.

I got the Dermosil Winter Body Lotion as a gift from my mom, I think it was christmas 2010. I however didn't start using it until last winter. It was a nice, basic lotion, but I wasn't too keen with the scent. A hint of citrus, I think, with a very basic Nivea-like base. I did love the fact that it was a pump bottle! I wish all my lotions came with one. About the name, the label claims "includes essential oils and ingredients, that have slightly warming effect". Well, I didn't feel this effect at all. Like I said; nice, basic lotion anyhow.

Everyday Minerals Semi Matte Base (fairly light neutral) sample size
bareMinerals Original Spf 15 Foundation (fair C10)

Nothing really to add here. I love Everyday Minerals, talk about quality for money. I also loved the bareMinerals, but I really wouldn't invest my money on it (again) since I can get just as good stuff for less. The bM-foundation I finished actually probably already earlier at summer, but I forgot since it still wonders around my vanity desk; I like to still use the lid for my other minerals :)


During these months I also used up four sheet masks by acaci: seaweed, aloe vera, green tea and cucumber. I really liked all the masks and they're pretty cheap. I felt they gave an instant radiant boost to my skin. My favourite was aloe vera, the scent was really lovely.


I also managed to kick a bad habit! Here is one of the many boxes that could be found in my closet. I've had an obsession of stashing up the cardboard packages of all my cosmetics! How silly is that? It's impractical to not take them off and still for some reason I haven't been able to throw them completely away. Well, now I did it. I was having a hard time fitting my clothes to the closet anymore... Does anyone else have the obsession of saving packages?


  1. I am the same way! I always put the cardboard boxes in my closet even though it takes up so much space! Hi dear, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog, and have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Check my blog for more information :D

    Jen xx

  2. Hmmm...I think you got great products here. I want to try out the Latte di Cocco shower milk. I also love coconut scents. I do not save packages but I love saving paper bags of boutiques hahahaha

  3. I like your reviews and I have the award for you!